Supplier Information

                                  At Alcoa, we extract, process and refine the most recyclable mineral on the Earth. As Alcoan’s this is part of who we are; we work to create sustainable value for the communities in which we operate, and to minimize our environmental, health and well-being impacts. As our suppliers we want to work with you to better understand our supply chains, manage risks, create long term value and together Advance Sustainability.

                                  All suppliers who do business with Alcoa are expected to meet and abide by our Supplier Standards and Ethics and Compliance policies and procedures.


                                  Invoicing and Payment

                                  Terms and Conditions

                                  General Terms and Conditions for all European Locations except Hungary

                                  Revision Date 03/02/2020

                                  General Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Suppliers of Alcoa locations in Hungary

                                  Revision Date 03/20/2020

                                  Terms and Conditions

                                  Terms for Locations in the United States

                                  Revision Date 08/19

                                  Terms for Locations in Canada

                                  Revision Date 03/20